Saturday, May 12, 2012

Playmobil Kitty Names

Liam has recently been introduced to playmobil and has really been loving it.  I've been buying him pieces of the farm set and they're pretty reasonable, only about $10 each for the small sets and they get lots and lots of play.  Today he has a birthday party to go to, so when I got the present earlier this week I picked up the playmobil cat play set for him; as if he needs more toys.

But, he really, really loves playing with them.  I think tomorrow I'm going to swap out some of the toys that don't get played with so much any more, and a big stack of books, to make room for the new and to just pare down a little overall.

In the meantime, Liam has named the six cats that came with the playmobil set:


Reminds me of how he used to name all the areas in his paintings.

Pizza Friday was a success last night until Liam and the neighbor-boy just couldn't keep from bugging each other to death (including some hitting and pushing and name-calling that was really over the top).  Went from fun to not fun pretty fast.  Today we have the birthday party for one of Liam's school friends and then a mother's day tea at GG's church.  And then we clean the chicken coop.


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