Tuesday, May 8, 2012


We've had two and a half (So far!) sunny days in a row, and Liam's babysitter is on vacation for the first part of this week so I've been spending afternoons at home.  Makes me want to work part time.  If only.

Yesterday afternoon we got an old hammock out of the garage and strung it up in the rhododendron tree.  Well, the vegan strung it up, I offered commentary and mostly watched.  Liam jumped up and down and demanded that it be higher, higher, higher.

Then Liam was introduced to the joys of swinging in a hammock.  Which he took to immediately.  I am of the gentle rocking hammock people.  Liam, not so much.  His favorite thing was to be spun unceremoniously out of the hammock onto the ground.  "Again!" he says.  Again.

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mekate said...

sweet E,
I am a rocker, not a flip-outer

So, sometime, when you are drinking tea, breathing, looking out into your back yard, or down at your navel, imagine we are having tea. I will do the same. Comfortable enough with each other to be silent and not have it be weird...and just bask, a little, in companionship and love-just-because, not love-because-of... someday we'll do it for real.

I love your projects although they make me feel like a major underachiever, under-attempter, tired wimpy person. BUT! I love being along for the vicarious thrill of your beautiful creations (including Liam).