Thursday, May 9, 2013

CF Awareness Month and Creating a Real-World Social Network

May is CF awareness month. 

You can help.  Giving money to support drug research for a cure is great.  I do that.  In my mind, though, bringing dinner by some night when someone really could use it is. . .better.  Coming over to play cards or watch a movie or just hang out with someone who would otherwise be alone, also, better.

My 90-odd year old across the street neighbor, Mr. Z, who generally still mows his own lawn God-bless him, drives out twice a week to deliver meals-on-wheels to seniors.  He tells me, otherwise they might not see anyone.  He wants to help.

He and I talked about this one day last fall when Liam and I went over to rake leaves for him.  Mr. Z protested that he could rake his own leaves, thank you very much. (This is true but it's really, really slow these days.)  He protested and protested.  Finally I took him aside.  John, I said, I'm trying to do something here, I'm trying to teach this kid about neighbors and taking care of people -- he's only going to learn that by doing it and seeing it done.  Will you help me?  He stopped protesting.  Can I give him a dollar he asked?   Sure, I said, he'd love that.  We raked leaves.  In the winter we shoveled snow.   Sometimes John gives Liam a dollar.  More often not.  Sometimes, not as often as I'd like, we bring soup over.   

You could help someone with CF, or you might help someone else.  Just get out there, be present in your world.

Check this out if you need some CF-related motivation:
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New medications are making are difference, these make me feel so hopeful.

Okay - thus ends the sermon.