Saturday, December 31, 2011

Say yes

That's my resolution for 2012, and I'm starting early, today in fact.  I know we're all supposed to resolve to do less, take better care of ourselves, lose weight and the rest; and I've got my list of those types of things too, for sure.  But for Liam and me what I really want is to make space in my head, and my heart, and within my responsibilities to say yes a lot more.

Yes, you can go outside and scrape the car at 8:15 on Saturday morning even though we're not going anywhere. . .just because you want to, and there's no reason, really, to say no.  Yes, I will go with you.  Yes, you can feed the birds. . .stir the worms. . .play your music loud. . .leave the couch cushions like that overnight. . .peel the carrots. . .unpack the dishwasher. . .fold the towels all by yourself. . .put the laundry in the dryer even though it takes 100+ years. . .pour the water. . .watch Dinosaur Train on TV while we eat dinner in the living room (every once in a while).  Yes, I will crawl up to the top bunk and read you a story even though you refuse to sleep up there and I wouldn't let you anyway because every night at 1:00 AM you still crawl into my bed and there's no way I think you could safely navigate the ladder while half asleep.  

Yes, I will look. . .listen. . .watch. . ..  Yes, I will play "go fish," again. 


What will you say yes to this year?


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Christmas

Well, I didn't intend to be gone for so long.  We had a lovely Christmas; made better because I decided to just say no to a big complicated dinner and made two soups, two salads, and a bunch of things to snack on instead.  Perfect.  We will definitely do that again.

Before Christmas (and before a quick trip to California to see Auntie Chris graduate, more on that later) we made yule logs for all our neighbors.  It was quite a process but we enjoyed every step.  Here's how it went.  First we went out to the vegan's house where he very kindly cut the logs and drilled the candle holes for us and let us gather cedar and hemlock and even wild holly in his woods. 


Then we cut the greens and stapled them to the logs.  Liam unwrapped the candles and put them in the logs.  We made tags and got them organized. Then we delivered them.  I am amazed at how much people like these.  This is something I remember from my childhood, my sister and I used to deliver them to all the neighbors in a wagon.  We will definitely do this again too.

I hope all visitors to this space find themselves surrounded by love and light during the holidays and always.