Saturday, December 31, 2011

Say yes

That's my resolution for 2012, and I'm starting early, today in fact.  I know we're all supposed to resolve to do less, take better care of ourselves, lose weight and the rest; and I've got my list of those types of things too, for sure.  But for Liam and me what I really want is to make space in my head, and my heart, and within my responsibilities to say yes a lot more.

Yes, you can go outside and scrape the car at 8:15 on Saturday morning even though we're not going anywhere. . .just because you want to, and there's no reason, really, to say no.  Yes, I will go with you.  Yes, you can feed the birds. . .stir the worms. . .play your music loud. . .leave the couch cushions like that overnight. . .peel the carrots. . .unpack the dishwasher. . .fold the towels all by yourself. . .put the laundry in the dryer even though it takes 100+ years. . .pour the water. . .watch Dinosaur Train on TV while we eat dinner in the living room (every once in a while).  Yes, I will crawl up to the top bunk and read you a story even though you refuse to sleep up there and I wouldn't let you anyway because every night at 1:00 AM you still crawl into my bed and there's no way I think you could safely navigate the ladder while half asleep.  

Yes, I will look. . .listen. . .watch. . ..  Yes, I will play "go fish," again. 


What will you say yes to this year?



Sandrant said...


Eb said...

that's so cool. What will I say yes to? Enjoyment. I will say yes to enjoying things. Not just doing things.

Happy New Year Elizabeth. May it bring peace, love and prosperity.


Mad Hatter said...

Love this,Elizabeth! I will say 'yes' to another glass of wine, cup of coffee, piece of pie (if I have room)! I will say 'yes' to getting together with friends in person. I will say 'yes' to new experiences and people life sends my way. On the flipside, I will do my best to say 'no' to worries and anxieties over things I cannot control. Love and hugs to you, Elizabeth and Liam, and wishes for a yes-ful 2012!

mekate said...

this is fantastic.
From the beginning, I have wanted to create as many yeses as possible for Della-- thank you so much for this sweet and wonderful reminder.

and hmmm, E, what can we say yes to for ourselves?