Sunday, May 13, 2012

Beading, birthday presents, and mothers day

Liam made a necklace as a gift for the birthday girl this weekend.  He worked so hard on it, selected all the beads himself from the big bucket of random beads I have left from college.  (Yes, I went to a hippie school.)  He did all the stringing, I helped with the jump bead and the clasp only.  Then he had the idea to make a little bag to hold the necklace and so we did.   He really, really likes this little girl; her parents are the teachers for Liam's little school, and he is fascinated by all that.  All good.

Birthday girl loved it I think.  She put it right on.  I wish I had taken better pictures.

Liam did pretty good at the party.  He was very, very anxious that I might leave, and tearful at the prospect more than once.  So I stayed.  It's hard to not feel embarrassed when he acts this way, but I'm trying to just get over it.  He is how he is, and I didn't know one way or the other if it was a drop off or a stay and play until we got there, so I hadn't prepared him for the idea that I might leave.  He really rallied after the lunch and participated in the activities including the pinata (which he loved).  I'm sure he would have been fine if I had left.

As we walked across the street to the car after the party he volunteered:  "Mommy, thank you for staying with me even though the other mommies didn't have to stay."   Happy mothers day all.

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