Monday, April 23, 2012

Kids Clothes Week Challenge -- Cheat

I know they aren't clothes exactly, but they are for kids and they are from Elise Marley.  I made them 2 week ago for the local Waldorf school fundraising auction.  Cats and mice masks have become one of my go-to kid presents and I've learned a few things about making them that make them work better for me.  Namely hand sewing on the embellishments looks neat and is about 100 times easier then trying to make them look nice with glue; and, using a covered elastic band means the kids can get them on and off by themselves -- so much better for play. 

I had planned to trace the pant pattern after Liam went to sleep tonight but I was foiled by two things that are really the same thing.  First, a frantic call from the babysitter at 4:00 (report: child has been sobbing for 30 minutes and is hiding under the pillows on Mommy's bed and won't stop -- could he be hurt?); rush home; find sobbing child; calm him down (this takes time); learn his ear hurts and suspect his fever is back.  Bite my tongue and give Tylenol; take to pediatrician; etc.  He is "borderline" ear infection and will stay home with GG tomorrow.   Second, he is growing like a weed and I don't really want to trace any of his 4T pants and I'm not sure which fit him best the next size up 5T or the little boys size small.  And he was not excited about trying on pants before bed.  And I didn't have the heart to try to make him.  T-shirt pattern making is foiled by the same circumstance.  Is it the little kids small or the medium I should trace darn it?  Details.

I did wash fabric and it is ready to be ironed; and I fetched the t-shirts to re-purpose for Liam's shirt (one to experiment on, another of Will's old t-shirts for when I think I can get it right).  If I can get a little bit ahead on work work stuff tonight (Ha!) maybe I can bust out both the pant pattern and the pant cutting tomorrow.  Hope springs eternal.

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