Sunday, April 22, 2012

I was planning to post about Kids Clothes Week Challenge today

I am still bound and determined to sew next week.  But a combination of crushing deadlines and various crises at work means that I haven't purchased the jersey I planned to yet. . .and I haven't washed and ironed the fabric I already have yet either.  I have bookmarked the patters and tutorials I want to use.  So, in hopes this will make me accountable to really getting it done, my goals are: (1) sew Liam a tee shirt, which will be my first jersey sewing adventure; (2) achieve a good hand-traced pant pattern for him, all the ones I've made so far are too low in the back; and (3) sew a simple A-line skirt for the daughter of a friend.

We'll see.

I had hoped to make some sewing progress yesterday but. . .Liam woke up sick and, of course, I still had to work.  Thank goodness for GG who took a sick Liam for a few hours yesterday morning so I could work some more (and still more to do).  And, thank you for a pediatricians office you can always ready directly.  One phone call, a painless transfer, and it's the doctor himself who knows my child and was willing to listen carefully while I described his 102 degree fever and complaints about neck pain, and who asked good questions, and gave a reassuring but cautious answer.  (He said: watch carefully; if he gets worse, call back; give Tylenol -- I know, usually we say wait it out because Tylenol is not risk free -- but this time give him some and see if he feels better.  There is flu type-something-or-other going around if he gets a stuffy nose, it's more than likely flu.  If he worsens don't hesitate to call to call again; if he worsens quickly follow your heart and take him to the ER if you think you should.)  Liam felt much better with the Tylenol on board.  He had a very high fever last night but he was mostly sleeping through it so I let it break naturally (I pay attention to the studies on Tylenol and asthma; we limit Tylenol use.  And anyway, a fever is the body's way of fighting the infection, blah, blah, blah.)  He woke up feeling "Much better!" this morning and is inhaling breakfast even as I type.  So, maybe some sewing progress will be made today.  Of course, there's still work to do too.

This is not the first time that Liam has complained about neck pain with fever; it is at least the third.  Whenever it happens I have some kind of panic reaction and can barely think or see straight.  It is NOT FUN.  I remember this with Will.  He always had back of the head/neck pain with fever, and whenever we went to the ER (Stupidest way for a person with chronic health issues to get admitted to the hospital ever, especially a teaching hospital but don't get me started. . ..) the resident on ER rotation would get super excited about a lumbar punch and we would have to say (repeatedly) "No.  No thank you.  It is lung disease.  He doesn't have meningitis."   Sigh.

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