Wednesday, April 25, 2012

KCWC -- Skinny Flashback Tee

I had a different plan for this.  My plan was to make the 90-minute tee from MADE.  I was so excited about this tee shirt.  And then I read all of the directions for making the pattern and realized that to get the lap neck you had to use a baby onesie to trace.  My baby is almost 5.  Undeterred I went up to the attic and found a onesie and cut it up.  Adding 5 inches to the side was no problem.  Figuring out the neck, I just couldn't get it.  Even on my first cup of coffee, in the morning, when I'm allegedly thinking my clearest, I couldn't get it.  I will come back to this some time that lap neck is just too cute.

Okay -- on to Plan B.  Plan B was to buy the super skinny flashback tee pattern from here.  Printed and cut out the size 5T.

I was nervous, but determined to make it work.  I got everything all cleaned up and ready to go in the sewing/office/guest/junk room.  I wound two bobbins (one blue, the other yellow).  I put in the special needle for knits.  I read my sewing machine book about different stitches.  Didn't make much sense to me, but, whatever.  I sewed it up.   I fussed over the neck -- it was 11:30 at night.  Should I wait until morning. . .no, I'll give it a shot.  I set the stretch stitch on my sewing machine.  I'm still not sure how this works or when to use it but the neck came out . . . just fine.

I gleefully imagined Liam trying this on in the morning. . .better than Christmas (well. . .you know).  I put my hand into one of the sleeves to feel the soft knit.  Huh.  It didn't give all that much.  I looked at it more closely.  Crap.  Yes, I had cut the knit so the stretch was going the wrong direction.  And not noticed until now.  When the tee shirt was already done, except for the cuffs.

The thing about sewing for me is that I don't do it very often so every time it seems like I have to re-learn everything.  How do I open the new needles I bought for knit.  It must have taken me 3 minutes to get into the package.  I sewed the first sleeve on backwards (to the wrong side of the body of the tee instead of the right).  Ripping out stitches from knits is no fun, but I am apparently going to get good at it.

Okay -- on to Plan C.  I cut out new sleeves. To  be continued. . ..

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