Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Interrupting KCWC for -- April Farm Share

We picked up our April farm share today.  I am just so very happy with this whole farm share thing.  Today's box contained: big bunches of chard and kale, salad mix, shiitaki mushrooms (so tiny, so sweet), parsley, a rutabaga (I think), another celeriac (it can join the first one, still in the fridge, I'm not sure what to do with celeriac).  Beets, leeks, cauliflower, two kinds of potatoes, yellow onions, red cipolinni onions, a bag of locally made granola, and some local goat cheese.   And rhubarb -- I forgot that until I uploaded the picture.

So far I've roasted the beets and the red cipolinni, and cooked the beet greens and stems with a little garlic. (Lunch! Tomorrow!) 

The farm is Boistfort Valley and even if you live as far away as Seattle or Portland they have a delivery/pick up site near you.

In Kids Clothes Week Challenge news -- I tore apart the tee shirt and sewed on the new sleeves.  So. Done. With. That. Tee Shirt.  But it did turn out cute.  Photos tomorrow if Liam cooperates.

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