Thursday, April 26, 2012

KCWC -- Remade Flashback Tee and Fleece Pants

I tore the sleeves off flashback tee try #1 and sewed on the new cut-out-with-the-stretch-going-the-right-way sleeves.  Success!  At 11:30 at night I just could not face the idea of ripping out any part of this tee again so I bailed on sewing on cuffs  and just turned the sleeves under, and I left the bottom edge raw of the shirt raw.  Maybe I'll stay-stitch it sometime in the future.  The sleeve edges got a little stretched out and, as it turns out, the sleeves are a little short on him, but so it goes.  Done.  I'll cut out another this week and try to sew it next week to keep some kind of momentum going (or at least maybe solidify the many lessons I learned about sewing knits while tearing out and re-sewing this tee at least three times).

Liam thinks his new shirt is great so -- all good.

The fleece pants are another KCWC cheat.  They have been 90% done for at least 5 months now, sitting on Liam's dresser waiting to be hemmed.  They're made from one of Will's old fleece shirts.  Here's a picture of him wearing it when he was still rowing.

The top of the pants are cut from the body of the shirt and the bottom of the legs are the arms.  It took a little fussing to get it to all line up and to get the pocket right, but here they are and Liam loves them.  I hand traced this pattern using the instructions here.  Pretty good except, even through the instructions are great and seem foolproof, I never somehow get the pants quite high enough in the back.  I ordered the Oliver and S after school pant pattern and I'm hoping it will work out because pants are one of the easiest and most needed things to sew for boys. 

Okay -- that's it for KCWC for me, I think.   My friend never sent me her daughter's measurements for the quick A-line skirts.  I'm thinking of making one for myself.  In cleaning up the sewing/office/guest/junk room last night I unearthed the fabric I bought to make Liam a play cape.  If I get super-inspired I may bust that out tonight.  In the meantime though I just look at all the flickr pictures and think how much better everyone's sewing is than mine!  It's all really something. 

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