Sunday, April 29, 2012

KCWC - Wrap Up

This was my first Kids Clothes Week Challenge.  My goals were: sew a knit tee shirt for Liam, come up with a good pant pattern for same, sew some simple A-line skirts for the daughter of a friend.   It was a tough week at work, so not as much as I wanted got done, but I did successfully make the tee shirt and learned a lot.  By watching the fliker pool and seeing what other people were making I found a good pant pattern for Liam (Oliver and S after school pant), ordered it, and it has arrived, so I can start on that next week.  My friend never sent her daughter's measurements, so, you know.  But, on the last day, I did manage to whip up this sun hat for a neighbor girl's birthday.   Curved seams -- yay!

I did not blind stitch the inside of the hat.  I pinned the heck out of it and then machine sewed it on with a quarter inch seam and then edge stitched it.  I bet that I am not the first person to assemble the hat this way.  It came together fast once I got over that I had to cut the seam allowances to make the curved seams work.  I hate that sort of cutting, it makes me super nervous.   This is the much made and loved Oliver and S sun hat from Little things to Sew.  Everything in this book is perfect as far as I can tell.  If I made a hundred of these maybe my seam lines would finally get to something approximating straight. 

After the hat, we went to the farmers market and ate lunch and then finally, finally accomplished buying Liam some shoes that are not rubber boots.  And he will put them on and take them off himself and proclaims them "super comfy."  Super, indeed.  I think I've ordered and sent back 100 pairs of shoes in the past month and been to at least three stores with him.  Thank gods and goddesses that the stars finally aligned today.  I was beginning to worry he would be shoeless. 

We had friends over yesterday and I've been cooking a lot including making yogurt for the first time, and granola bars.  More on that next week.

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