Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fences, flowers, and dancing the may pole

Liam's little school had its spring celebration today and they danced the may pole. 

The whole place was decorated with flowers.  Knowing that the children had done this themselves was wonderful.  Everyone was given a flower petal for a ticket.  Children gave the tickets and children took the tickets.

Liam had told me (tearfully) that he would not sing and he did not want to dance.  He has anxiety issues, other issues. . .he is who he is and right now that's a person who wants to, but often feels he can't because he is too scared.  He told me (tearfully, again) that Teacher Nick told him it was a "have to."  There aren't many "have to"s at his little school.  His teachers understood that, for him, "have to" is what it would take to push through the concerns.  They are so kind to all the children.  Liam came in first, closest to Teacher Nick.  This is to help him, but it is done so no one notices.  No one says -- you can be next to Teacher Nick; they just make it happen naturally, quietly; and let the love and support flow in that way. 

Little Liam, he is so very concerned about not doing it right. . . not being perfect.  But, he did it.  He  sang (a little) and he participated.   He was so excited afterwards.  And he was pretty exhausted later this afternoon; asleep by 7:15.  Now he knows that he can -- another step. 

At dinner tonight, Liam asked me: "Mommy, what did you do when you were at school?"  I said, well, you know, this and that.  But what I thought was never, ever anything as wonderful as you get to do every day at your little school.  


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