Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Sigh.  I thought I was doing pretty good keeping up with this place, but I seem to have fallen off the wagon.  So, here is a workman-like update: since Auntie Chris has been staying with us, we've been going on adventures over the weekends.

First, the Aquarium.  We saw fur seals, harbor seals, two kinds of otter (sea and river).  Octopus.  Touch tank.  It's much spiffed up since 20 years ago when I was volunteering and working there summers, thinking I was going to be a marine biologist for reals.  Liam loved it and proclaimed it almost as good as "Auntie Chris' aquarium in Monterey."

Next, we went to Mt Rainier to see the snow.  All our lowland snow had melted.  Of the three people who currently live in this house, one missed it.  Acutely.

We mostly saw the snow out the car windows as we drove up, up, up the icy road to Paradise.  Once there, one run down the designated sledding hill was enough to help us decide that this type of sledding was too ambitious.  So, we played in the snow and then drove down, down, down the icy road to a lower part of the mountain (not as cold, not as windy) were we played in the snow some more, and a very nice man let Liam help him chop snow off a pic-nic table and carry the snow blocks to build a snow/ice wall.  Liam thought this was beyond fun.

Can I just say that it is so much easier to face the idea of an outing of any sort, but especially a long-ish one, with another adult on board.  Auntie Chris leaves on Monday and I'm already missing her.

And, lately we've been working on the side-yard fence and the. . .wait for it. . .chicken coop.  I think we're on track for chickens by next weekend.  That's right.  It appears I have well and truly said yes to chickens.  Stay tuned.

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