Monday, January 16, 2012

Live(ish) Video Snow Update

We are having a "snow event" here.  It's exciting.  Sort of.  If it weren't for all the various forms of road-based travel I'm supposed to engage in this week it would be more fun.

Yesterday was all about kids sledding.  Across the street the houses have a short, but pretty good, hill.  You can tell when it's okay to go over by listening for kids yelling and laughing.  (The house we sled at is about 3 houses away; it is home to another Liam, 4 months younger -- and 4 inches taller -- than my Liam.  They go to the same preschool.  It's funny at play dates to be calling my child "Liam H."  As in, "Boys, keep your hands and bodies to yourselves please; Liam H, I mean you.)

Today was pretty quiet.  Tomorrow we will try to have as normal a day as possible.  Tomorrow night and Wednesday and Thursday we are, apparently, going to be buried in snow.  Cliff Mass, the only weather person I pay any attention to says 11-18 inches on top of what we already have.  (I'm a good deal south of Seattle, we tend to get more snow here than in the city.)

It is snowing pretty hard now and we're meant to get about 2 inches over night.  (Newsflash: that was just updated to 3-5 inches overnight.)  Here's a live(ish) update of the back yard.  If  while you watch you say out loud whatever hysterical snow survival advice strikes your fancy, you will know what it is like to watch local news in my part of the world.  Some of my favorites: "The roads will be slick and icy." "At this point, we are suggesting that everyone who does not have to travel, stay home." "This is a serious weather event; you want to bring your pets indoors." "State patrol asks that you do not leave your car on the side of the freeway."  (Okay, that last one was from one of the previous snow events, I think.)  In most ways we don't really do snow very well around here; on the other hand, I sort of enjoy the whole: the region will now shut down on threat of winter conditions.  Makes for better sledding. 

PS -- Auntie Chris talked the Internet-Powers-That-Be into upgrading my internet to much faster, so I was able to upload this video with minimal cursing and anxiety.  Thanks Chris!

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