Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We have snow

We have some snow.  About 15 inches at the house, I think, give or take.  It mostly fell overnight and is mostly fixing to melt right now.  I'm hoping for more like 10 inches in the morning and more like none by Friday; it's supposed to be almost 40 degrees here tomorrow. 

Snow is fun until you get too cold; or too wet; or too sick of being inside trying to work with a 4 year old doing Lego projects rated for 6 year olds.  (Sample dialogue: "Look at the picture. . .what pieces do we need to make it look like the picture?  Okay. . .how do they go together?  Do you want to take a break?  No?  Okay.  Let's look at the picture.")  Eventually a helicopter and a sea plane were accomplished.  And crashed. 

We drank hot chocolate.  I worked by conference call.  We dug out two cars but didn't drive anywhere.  Texted back and forth with the vegan who lives in the hills and has lots more snow than us. (Sample: "Hey - what are you doing?" "Sweeping snow off the porch, what are you doing?" "Shoveling snow off the roof."  Okay then.)  Auntie Chris made dinner.

We walked up the hill to the school to go sledding.  When your child gets too cold to put his (wet) mittens back on without crying and you decided it is time to pull him home downhill on the sled, sometimes you have to run to keep up.  We have some snow.  Lovely.

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