Saturday, January 14, 2012

Auntie Chris' Graduation

Chris with my parents
Just before Christmas we took a quick trip to California to see Auntie Chris graduate (with distinction, of course).  Auntie Chris' new degree is in space systems engineering; which means she knows all about how to make satellites work.  (This complements her degree in aero/astero engineering; you know now where the brains in the family went!)  After graduation Liam and I drove with her from California back up to Seattle.  This went better than one might expect considering that Liam is 4.  After staying with us here outside Seattle for a few more weeks, Auntie Chris will move to the DC area and we are so excited to visit her (and Liam's cousin, and the big,big zoo, and my friends from when I worked in DC) later in the year!  Congratulations Auntie Chris -- we're so proud of you.  Thanks for fixing the computer --again -- and the TV (also again), and for teaching me how to touch up paint the trim without making a mess, and mostly for just being you!


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