Sunday, August 14, 2011

This is what happens when you throw your shoes in the pool

You have to dry them with the hairdryer or else you cannot go on the steam train excursion planned for later in the morning.  (Thank you GoGo! He had a great time.)

Liam was pretending that things were fireworks this morning and throwing them around; I said, please take that outside, fireworks are not for inside.  And, before I knew it, the kiddy pool was full of plastic animals and shoes.  Liam does not have a lot of pairs of shoes, and really only one that are closed.  We haven't found any sneakers he likes; these little Land's End shoes are his favorite, so when they got wet, he had to fix the problem.

Shoes in the pool.  I haven no idea what he was thinking.

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michelle said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I came across your blog on the 30 Day Vegan blogroll and just wanted to say hello. What I read about your husband really touched me. My husband is in remission from cancer and I just cherish him so much every day.

Kind Regards,