Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend driving

At the beach in Pt. Townsend.  The weekend.  Yesterday we messed around at the house and then went to my parents for dinner (Thanks mom!).  Today a driving trip to Pt. Townsend to visit an old friend from high school if-you-can-believe-it and her family.  Lovely.

Things said to me this weekend that made me laugh:
  • Yesterday, from the vegan: you're not hungry, that is one of your body's many cries for water.  This may sound obnoxious but it is uttered with (a) such conviction and (b) such affection and good humor that it is truly priceless.  I drank the water.  (This while driving to my mother's house. Vegan drinks about a gallon and a half of water a day, so even though I'm pretty reliable at between 40 and 64 ounces, I still pale in comparison and am therefore worried about.)  
  • Today, from Liam: Mommy, my favorite kind of bean is the jelly bean, did you know that Mommy?  Can we cook jelly beans?  (This while driving home from Pt.T after I said out loud to myself that we needed to get a pot of beans on the stove or we'd have nothing for dinners this week.  I said, Liam do you know that jelly beans aren't real beans -- they're candy? L: Oh, no wonder I like them.)
Also memorable: stopping for ice cream on the way home; and singing in the car with Liam most of the way to and from Pt.T and having him request this song over and over until we both learned all the words.  (That's kind of a bad recording, but the best I could find and they do get it together in the end.  He also loves this one.  The whole album is great.)

So far behind at work it's not clear how or when I will catch up.  Liam slept in the car on the way home for about 45 minutes.  Dread bedtime, although it can't come soon enough because he is still crazy tired.

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