Monday, June 20, 2011

From nothing

Liam and I went outside this morning to find a small daisy chain on the door.  From the neighbors across the street.  Made with caring and love; left for his birthday.  I know just where the daisies were picked; down the hill in that funny small green patch by the circle at the busy road.  Before they built the circle it was a bigger patch, with some benches and trees; huge peonies.  Now the circle takes up a lot of that space, and we have a bigger park moved to the other side, nearer the water, where there's more room and more to look at.  But this old patch, smaller now, still grows these white daisies like no one's business.  And the peonies still can be found too, or what's left of them, if you tromp in there to the back and look.  Mostly leaves now.

More than anything I want him to learn from this.  It is not presents (Although those were lovely; thank you everyone!), it's not the running around arranging the dinner and getting things done (Although that is among my core competencies and I do it continuously, much to my annoyance with myself.).  It is the slow weaving of a flower chain, the kind where you have to get down into the grass and find the long stems, so you can tie the knots.  Taking time.  Small things.  Connected to other people.  That's what I want him to learn.  I know where the daisies are, just exactly; but we haven't gone in weeks.  Too much rushing.  Busy.

Thanks neighbors for the reminder and the love.  Happy, happy birthday Liam; not so small any more but always still our tiny, little baby.

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Mad Hatter said...

Happy birthday Liam!
I made a clover chain recently - it is such a lovely thing to make a flower chain!
I hope the birthday celebration was special!