Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blocks from sticks

I told the vegan that I thought it would be nice to have some of these natural-style blocks for Liam.  (Actually, I think I might have said: Would you make them? I can't figure out how to turn on the chop saw.  Which is true, I can't; but I will learn some day.)  So today he stopped at the house on his way home from working and chop, chop: 100-year-ish old azalea wood from the bush I cut out in front of the house last weekend is now a bucket of blocks.  

Liam picked through the branches to find the ones were big enough ends for blocks, and he watched (from a distance) the operation of the chop saw.  Tried to catch the blocks as they were tossed out of the garage.  Was thrilled to wear his own hearing protection.  And he occasionally offered instruction on whether the blocks should be big or small, and how many should be cut from any given stick.  Said "Oh. . .thank you!" for virtually every block.  At the end, he also wanted some blocks to paint, so a 2x4 was cut up. 

Then all the blocks came inside and Liam made a forest. 

I had thought blocks like this would be a nice birthday present for Liam, but now he's going to receive some beeswax or wood oil or something like that, and a little tin and a soft rag so he can finish his own blocks.  (I have been told by the block maker that they are "just fine" the way they are, but I like the idea of Liam being able to finish them.)

See Liam's open hands in the picture?  So relaxed.  He gets that from his father.  I am a fidget-er and tend to have something in my hands always, or close them and put them under me.  Liam has this easy way of being still that came with his wiring and I hope he keeps forever. 

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