Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We are growing a little boy

He is sweet and funny, with a tendency towards anxiety and concern that I hope dissipates as he gains experience.  He built this all himself.  He very much enjoys building these days, with whatever is available: blocks, legos, couch cushions, whatever.

He has elaborate make believe events daily.  As I type this he is taking everything off the living room floor (including the blocks and books he put there in the first place) and moving it to the kitchen to "make the water better for salmon."  "See Mommy!  This dock [books] is not good for salmon, the workers are going to take it out.  Now, they have to put it in the stack. . .now they have to take this big thing [footstool] out.  They are making it much better for salmon.  Mommy, see, salmon like that."

He likes to sing, and makes up songs.  He has a sweet tooth, but also will reliably ask for seconds on broccoli.  He is increasingly independent.  Today while I was outside he tired of his TV show, turned off the TV, went into the kitchen and set up the watercolor paints all by himself.  Then he painted.  When I came in he was at the sink again washing paint brushes and his hands.   He would play in water in the sink all day, but he won't take a bath or wash his hair for love or money.

Today we visited a preschool.  In the fall he will be four and in preschool somewhere.  I hope in this wonderful place we visited today (more on that some other time).   If not, we have a back up choice.  If that doesn't work out, we have a another backup choice.  He will be settled in preschool in the fall, in the place where he'll stay through kindergarten and maybe longer, depending.   We move forward.

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