Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stay tuned, I think we have an owl

During my not sleeping times at night, I've been hearing things.  Starts around 10:00, if I'm listening.  This has been going on over a month now.  It's something outside, I thought a squirrel, a. . .I have no idea. . .what could it be.   It says Oooo [space] Oooo [space] Oo, Oo, Oo, Oo [fast and descending].  It has sort of a high voice (not chirpy high, more like alto).

Umm, 3-years of field biology in college resulting in, wait for it, a degree that is more wildlife biology than anything else.  For a month I've been listen to this wondering, wondering until day before yesterday I realized, of course, it's an owl.  For the love of God.   So last night I tried to record it, but I got too cold, and it went off somewhere, or it decided to clam up when it saw a clearly crazy woman in her PJs out video taping in the pitch dark from the back patio.  (Also, it was after 10:00; Liam is going through a phase where he wants to review the major points of Will's death every night, I was tired and sad and didn't want to wait around.) 

I listened more closely last night though and I think I have a plan for tonight.  It starts out in the mash up of fir and hemlock across the alley right out the back door.  (Does it live there?  How exciting!)  Then, I'm pretty sure it moved to the 100 year old apple tree for at least a little while.   It must fly around! 

Full moon will be here end of next week. Stay calm owl, I am coming for you with my video camera and my link to the registry of bird songs at Cornell University (priceless), and we are going to get to know one another.

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