Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Things to remember

Liam is doing two things I especially want to remember these days. Of course, he's doing about 100,000 things I want to remember, but these two stand out.

First, he confuses "we're" (As in, "We're going to grandma's house, please get your shoes.") and "our" (As in, "Mollie is our dog; it's our job to feed her every day.") So, at least once a day we arrive at "we're house" or it is pointed out to me that "This is we're car!" Sometimes I correct it ("That's right! This is our car!") but mostly I don't. He'll stop on his own and when he does, I'll miss it.

The second thing is, I think, sweet beyond words and also interesting. He confuses, or conflates maybe, "pretend" and "remember." Both things that he knows occur in his head, I guess. So, he will say to me "I want to remember that this is the big ship, Mommy" or "I want to remember that I am the kitty." Pretend/remember took me a few tries to figure out, but now that I've got it, I just love it. He only has this word confusion when he's hunting for a verb; never when he's using an adjective. We always have "pretend medicine" when he insists that knit kitty or otter have a sickness and need to see the doctor; never "remember medicine."

I'm in Wenatchee, again. At home they are being blown away by a big, freak, spring wind storm. I moved the tomatoes onto the porch right up next to the house and if this weather kills them anyway I'll be annoyed in the extreme. Hoping the power won't go out and mess with the O2 concentrator (although there are spare O2 tanks staged in most every room so even if the power does go out, things should be fine). Will is stable at home except he has shingles, from whence that came, we have no idea. He reports that it's not that bad, and his doctors say that because he is immune suppressed (to maintain his transplant) he hopefully/probably will not suffer as much as most shingles cases.

Congratulations to beautiful Sara who does not blog any more, but delivered her twin girls today. I met Sara online because both our husbands have CF and we both were going through IVF to try to start a family. Sara suffered many losses along the way which makes this all the sweeter. Love to you Sara.

Photo: from a week or so ago, chopsticks; he likes them a lot, although is prone to the stabbing method still.

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