Friday, May 14, 2010

Captain, my captain

We are all fine. It has been a long week and busy, but the weather has been getting better and the sunshine helps. More this weekend on our garden and how Will has been doing (fine, basically).

After our after dinner walk (which included climbing on the enormous pile of wood chips, more on this later with photos), Liam came inside and wanted to talk about captains and where they live. Ideas included the Savanna, the Circus Ship, and the zoo among other places. We had the following conversation while he ate his yogurt:

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mekate said...

Thinking of you sweet Elizabeth- glad things are busy but ok-

one last blossom on my magnolia tree, spring is springing, bugs are out, the garden is green but not yet blooming-

and I am dreaming about time (having it, using it as I wish)- and I bet you are too.