Saturday, May 1, 2010


Liam is lucky to have two grandpas right here in town. Nothing could really be better. Tonight after dinner they took him walking to see his two favorite neighborhood features. (1) The "big stump down by the busy road" which is exactly what it sounds like, from a big, big old maple tree that came mostly down in the wind a month or so ago and blocked the busy road for a while until the city got it all sorted out. Liam is captivated by it. (2) The kitty around the corner who is confusingly named Bunny. (Discussed previously here and here and probably some other places too. Bunny is a big part of our lives.) Just about the friendliest cat in the whole wide world. Seriously. He runs out to see Liam, Liam runs towards him, and they snuggle. What other cat doesn't run at the site of a 3-year old (almost) running towards it? A few days ago Liam saw Bunny eating grass, so now he picks grass to give Bunny and. . .Bunny eats it, right from Liam's hand.

Bunny was inside or off doing kitty things tonight, but they still had a great time on their walk. And then fed the worms in the worm bin when they got home. All that on top of cookies and ice cream for dessert makes for a pretty good evening when you're almost three. My sister is visiting this weekend; Will had a good day and sat outside in the sun for a while; nasturtiums were planted; and Liam got a walk with two grandpas after dinner. A good day.

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mekate said...

Sounds like a good day for a 43 year old!

Sweet E- we WILL meet--(imagine this next part in a big booming yet comforting voice) "it has been written"-- so please, no stress over this time, ok? it is just a matter of when, not if.

Doug, my darlin, has friends in Portland, and we are already talking about a someday-with-baby visit out that way, and you WILL be on the agenda.

for dinner my poor pregnant belching self had:
one bigass artichoke
mustard chicken with rice
a half cup of awesome gazpacho
and a mini peach soy yogurt.
hmmm. I think I'd better not lie down for a while!

love to you