Thursday, June 11, 2009

How to be the kitty and have a fit if you're (almost) 2 years old

First pretend to be the kitty. Crawl on your hands and knees and make a pretty awful cat meowing noise (so that the neighbors say: are you okay over there?). Come to mommy and have your ears scratched and patted.

Then, decide to be Liam again and ask to go see the real kitty. This is a lovely cat named (confusingly) Bunny who lives around the corner but sometimes comes to visit at our house and always rushes out to be patted by Liam whenever we walk by, which is about 4-5 evenings a week. But not tonight, because it was already 7:15 and we had played (a lot) at the park after dinner and it was almost time for bed, not time for a walk.

Explain to Mommy that it is really, really important to go see the kitty right now. Say please (a lot). [Liam makes the “please” sign by patting his hand on his chest. You can see the actual ASL please sign here, which is also the place I go to learn new signs for Liam.]

Have a fit when Mommy says: honey, we’ll go see the kitty tomorrow; now is time to either play in the yard or go inside for bath. Make it a really big fit, befitting deep disappointment at 7:15 PM.

Ask one more time to go see the kitty. Omit the please.

Calm down when Mommy suggests that instead we go into the garden and eat pea pods. Eat a lot of pea pods and all the strawberries. That’s it!

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Lisa said...

Man, he is adorable!!