Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thanks Uncle K

Liam's Uncle K sometimes does tee-shirt design and silk screening. For Christmas he sent Liam this great octopus shirt. It has become one of Liam's favorites in our summer-like weather. I try to give him two tee-shirts to choose from every morning, the idea being the more decisions he gets to make himself the less frustrated he will be at all the decisions that he doesn't get to make yet. If this shirt is in the mix it is always the one picked. Happy Birthday Uncle K -- how cool to be so cool at 50? We love you.

PS -- photo is from a week ago; pre the kitchen rearranging project that has taken over the house.


IVF 40+ said...

hi - thanks for your post - the offer of the hats is a very cool one! I imagined them sleeping in their new hats!

mekate said...

LOVE the shirt, LOVE it, want a kate-sized one! And wall art! Does he sell these somewhere or do you have to be related?

Hope Will got some good/helpful news at the Dr this week and hope his progress continues now that he is off that irritating but probably life saving drug. It has to be a royal pain to deal with those sorts of tradeoffs.

I love your knit hat comment on EB's blog, that was not only sweet but a truly wonderful image.