Sunday, June 7, 2009

Where to start. . .

We have a lot of house stuff going on suddenly. It shifted from talking about rearranging the kitchen and putting in a back porch and patio into. . .barely organized chaos. Not sure this was the best thing to take on right now with Will still feeling very bad (in his spirits, certainly, probably the worst I've seen so far, if not in his lungs exactly), and my work being busy, and Liam being just almost 2 and in to everything. But, it was one of those things where I just kept talking about it and before I knew it I was doing things about it, and then Ricardo showed up to move the basement door so we could move the refrigerator, and away we go. And we've had so much help. The photos are grandpa DM and grandpa DH doing the siting to figure out how to level the back yard and how much dirt the workers will have to move when they get here tomorrow (lots!). It was like what I imagine the Lewis and Clark expedition to be except fewer horses (none) and better food (we ate hamburgers, this lovely noodle salad, and the first green salad from the garden). The grandpas also moved our refrigerator today and moved and rehung the (very heavy!) cupboard that goes above the refrigerator. Thank you!

Off to the docs with Will tomorrow to see what's what and what they think and if they can help him feel any better.

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Lisa said...

Sorry I didn't get back to you about being at the UW at the same time. I wish that I would have been able to meet you in person and have coffee.

I hope that Will's appointment went well!

Talk soon,