Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Traffic Jam

On Monday I was caught in traffic driving home from work, so I called to let Will's parents (who have Liam on Mondays) what was going on.  This introduced the concept of "traffic jam" to Liam and he has been on it ever sense.  It's hard to explain a traffic jam to a little kid who's not quite 3 -- there is lots of discussion and lots of  "What's a traffic jam?" and "Why mommy, why did the cars not go?"  When Liam got home, we made a traffic jam from his (seemingly endless supply) of toy cars.  Traffic jam.

Today, we saw a (sort of) small traffic jam on the way to Will's parents (about 12 cars lined up at some kind of blocked intersection or something).  Liam was so excited "A traffic jam mommy!  Look! A traffic jam."

In other news, Liam also is very interested in hiking and Will's father has been taking him for walks at various parks.  Yesterday Liam announced to me: "I love hiking mommy, it's really healthy."  At least I know he's listening.

My father's birthday today.  Happy Birthday Daddy -- we miss you every day.


mekate said...

sending love to you today Elizabeth, and always truly.
love Liam's curiosity! and how cool to see the world so differently, with new eyes, literally!

hope you are ok, and that Will is holding up well too-


Lisa said...

Traffic and hiking...he's a natural PNW-er :)