Monday, March 15, 2010

Big Ships in Our House

I love how Liam plays with his toys -- it has worked out really well for us to have some fairly basic toys that he can make what he will out of.  Lately it is all big ships, all the time.

These big ships sail back and forth between where-ever and Japan, they take on cargo, often some of the plastic animals, and they go very carefully into and out of the various "docks" which include the stack of magazines on the coffee table, the parking garage, and any baseboard anywhere in the house.  Liam is very particular about where the superstructures go.  They have to be exactly the same width as the big ship and they have to go at the very, very back.  If they're even a little bit off he works at them until they are where he wants.  If you've never had a 2 1/2 year old talk with you earnestly about superstructures and cranes and where the "man" goes on the big ship, you've missed something really sweet.

Please don't judge our floors. Someday I'll have the time to clean more and the money to have the floors refinished.  In the meantime, they are what they are.


PS: In the morning when we come downstairs Will often will have moved the TV remote big ship to some other part of the living room.  This is a problem that gets remedied immediately. The peg hook rail is, of course, not really a toy.  Liam appropriated it one day when it was waiting to be hung up in the kitchen; he proclaimed all the pegs to be cranes and the whole thing to be the best big ship ever.

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Kay said...

Dear Elizabeth, Your Mom and I are impressed that Liam recognizes cranes. I have pointed out cranes and worked with him to count the cranes. Frequently he adds few extra numbers beyond the the actual number. No Problem.

You have a wonderful son.

Love GrandPa