Monday, March 29, 2010


Liam got a haircut over the weekend.  His hair grows like a weed.  Before:

(Liam has taken to running into Will's room in the morning, crawling into bed with him, and tweeting like a baby bird.  He calls Will's bed the nest.  On Saturday, they ate waffles in the nest.  More on this some other time.)

Here is the during:

Our neighbor cuts Liam's hair (and mine).  She's great. 

And the after.  This also is an example of what face you get when you ask "Liam, please smile so mommy can take a picture."  (Yes, he wore his PJs all day on Saturday.  Even to his haircut.  And out to play in the yard.)

We had an otherwise pretty quiet weekend.  Warm and sunny enough for a long walk to the food co-op Saturday (and Liam walked the whole way) and cold and rainy enough to feel good about serving short ribs for dinner Sunday night.  Howling wind and rain on overnight Sunday drove the dog upstairs into the beds, and the storm it brought is turning the mountains white again for spring.

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