Saturday, February 6, 2010

Slide Series -- Again

Umm,  I gotta say: whose beautiful baby is that?

I'm sure all of you are avid followers of pacific NW weather.  Have you heard, we've broken pretty much all the records there are for warm days in winter this year.  Typically, our days have been warm and gray, warm and rainy, warm and misty, warm and cloudy. . .you get the idea.  Today was warm and sunny.  So, after Liam declined to nap, we went to the park. 

Same park we often go to.  Just like November 2008.  Here is then.

Here is now.


I guess they don't go around getting any smaller.  Liam loves the park.
Sorry for those of you, I know, there must be, what, hundreds? thousands? who were hoping to see what we ate for dinner every night this past week.  It turned out to be unexpectedly shitty couple of days, so, you know, that's how it goes.  I might try again some time -- maybe even next week.

1 comment:

mekate said...

Me! I am hundreds!
so sorry for your unexpectedly shitty week. I hate all shitty weeks, unexpected or expected. Both suck. So sorry.

your Liam is suck a cutie pie, and I LOVE PLAYGROUNDS, someday maybe I can come and play?

hang in there sweet Elizabeth, hope the shit does not linger and you'll soon be out the other side.