Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Slide Series

Will got up with Liam and me today which is so great, so we had all day to do stuff together. This morning's activity was a walk downtown to the Farmers Market*, then to the outdoor store to try to find Liam some decent shoes (they don't have sizes as small as his feet), then to a different park, where Liam showed me how much he has learned about the slide on his walks with Daddy and Mollie. Delightful. Really. Note that Liam's idea about going down the slide is the same as his idea about going down the stairs when he was first learning. . .get all set up the way you want to be early. He's a planner, our baby.

*Liam loves the farmer's market. He especially loves to help choose the apples and put them in the bag. This has only gotten better now that he is tall enough to pretty much reach the apples on his own. Liam's only word besides "mama" and "dada" is "apple" which he says as "ump-ah." And, honestly, I think he used it in context before "mama" at least. On account of this, and also because he is a very nice guy, the fruit seller at the market (Sullivan's, they're the best) almost always gives Liam a free apple, which Liam almost always eats in these tiny, tiny (but getting bigger) bites. He spits out the peel.

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