Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Dinner

Will isn't really a fan of roasted turkey, so we made the deboned, stuffed turkey breast from the November issue of Martha Stewart (except I made my own stuffing, the kind I make every year). I would link to a picture of hers, but I just spent 10 minutes "navigating" the website trying to find a picture and, well, I'm tired. You'll have to settle for a picture of ours (in the overhead shot of the table). I love that I get to be custodian of my mother's good dishes these days; the good dishes we grew up with.

Nice things about doing the turkey this way: it really did come out tasting good, and you don't have a huge turkey carcase to carve and deal with when you're trying to get 20 other things on the table. Not so nice things: not really very many pan drippings, so the gravy sort of sucked, I thought.

Other things we cooked this year: roasted squash slices, brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes, stuffing, a green salad with apples and cheese, corn bread, gravy and, of course, the two pies with whipped cream. We're done eating, that's for sure. It all came out well; the turkey was pronounced a big success and Will wants to cook it that way next year too. Liam ate very little of it, unfortunately. (He had a huge breakfast and snack earlier in the day.) But he did go to bed with minimal rocking and production so. . .I know he needs to eat, but, honestly, I don't think he'll starve, and I'm a pretty big fan of the off to bed much less fuss routine. . .if I had to make a trade. . ..

Photos are: before, during, during and after. Happy Thanksgiving; I hope everyone had time to pause in the doing today to reflect on the many blessings in life.

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