Thursday, November 27, 2008


This year, as last year, I am especially thankful for Will and Liam, our miracle IVF baby, such an unexpected and welcome gift. I'm thankful for the family that raised me and taught me the value of hard work, and that after my father died my mother was able to find Grandpa DM, who has been such an easy and welcome addition to our lives. I'm thankful for my sister -- it is so hard to believe I could be related to someone who I like so much and who has achieved the things she has. And for Will's family, who has so enriched my life. That Liam is cared for during the day by his grandparents is a blessing that goes beyond words.

I'm thankful for the work opportunities that I've been given and that since college, I've always had a good job; mostly at something that I'm interested in and that I think makes a difference in the world. And, that I have pretty good health insurance, and am healthy anyway. I'm grateful that I can provide for our little family and still have enough to give a little away to the food bank at this time of year (there are so many who need help). And that we can live in this little town that I love, and that will (hopefully) provide Liam with a good foundation from which to move into the world.

It's a long list, it could go on and on, but those are the things that seem most important to me right now.

PS -- yes, Mollie is on the couch. I'm going through a phase where I don't mind as much. Poor Mollie, I'm sure it's only a phase.

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