Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Making Valentines

Last year, we tried to get Liam interested in coloring valentines to hand out at school, but he really didn't have the attention span for it.  (He did color valentines for family, which was nice.)  This year I decided to use some of the paintings Liam had already made as the basis for his valentines and let his part be the thing he likes best of all: GLUE.

So, I cut out small hearts from some of Liam's paintings (he told me which ones I could use) and then he choose which heart went for which person and he and Will glued them to plain index cards.  Then I wrote the person's name on each one and signed Liam's.  The actually worked way better than I thought it would.  Liam probably glued about half (with Will) and choose specific hearts for slightly more than half the recipients.  "I want to make one for Zelleby.  Zelleby!  Zelleby!  No, Wynter!" or "This one is for Miss Sandy.  Miss Sandy will really like it."   So sweet.

School valentines are a little complicated this year because Liam is transitioning from the young toddler room to the regular toddler room, so instead of about 20 valentines to make, we had about 40.  Still, it took only an hour or a little bit more after dinner and now they're all done.  The few that "accidentally" got lots and lots of glue are still drying on the kitchen table; all I'll have to do in the morning in bundle them up to take to school.

I had to stop at the grocery store on my way to pick up Liam tonight  -- almost always a disaster at this time of day -- and I ended up with 4 bags of mini-MM-packages, thinking I would staple one to each of Liam's valentines.  But I chickened out.  Even though Liam received candy last year from some of the kids at school, I wasn't sure all the parents would approve.  So now I'm the proud owner of 4 bags of MMs.  I think I'll take them to the office tomorrow.


mekate said...

these are so beautiful! someday I hope to shamelessly steal your idea.

Oh, bummer, 4 bags of m&ms. I hope you'll be ok.


Kay said...

what a good idea - looking forward to seeing one in person!

Mad Hatter said...

Love this so much - they are so pretty! I'm stealing your idea, too! In about, oh, 3-4 years!