Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's hoping all visitors to this space find themselves surrounded by the love of friends and family today and always.

Liam had Valentine's Day celebration #1 at school yesterday. Liam is in "school" (daycare) at a wonderful place two mornings a week. We are hoping that over the next month this becomes two full days a week, but the transition has been tough for him. He is not a lover of change, our baby. He is finally starting to have better days and enjoy more about the teachers, other children, different toys and activities.

This year's for Valentine's Day he:
  • Made a valentine holder.
  • Made valentines at home for all the other kids to put in the holder (Mommy mostly planned, Daddy mostly implemented, Liam mostly refused to color and only wanted to eat the crayons. Such is life.)
  • Decorated a heart-shaped cookie at school with icing and MMs. Turns out that Liam thinks MMs are just great. He ate his cookie after dinner last night (after asking for it about 100 times between arriving home at 4:50 and finishing dinner at 5:25.
  • Made a valentine heart for Mommy and Daddy (so sweet).
We also made valentines for the family and I was feeling pretty good about them (Liam was marginally more cooperative and actually colored some) until I saw these. Maybe next year -- it would be super nice to have more time and energy to create more on my own, like I used to, and with Liam, but for now I'm happy to look at other people's projects.
Photos are: our half purchased-half home made valentines; enjoying the valentine cookie (it was more sugar than he's ever had in his life, I think; he did not sleep until almost 8:30); Liam's valentine holder from school; and the valentine he made for Mommy and Daddy.

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