Monday, January 4, 2010

Ta da!

Well -- we survived and even enjoyed the holidays. Welcome 2010, like most people of the Internet, I am happy to leave 2009 behind.

My plan, such as it is, is to slowly update this space with news of our various holiday activities and try to ease in to more regular updates. Boring, probably, but, you know, that's what we've got. So the first update: solstice. I am more of a solstice person than a Christmas person. Liam and I both have solstice-ish birthdays, mine right on the heals of the winter solstice, his just on the eve of the summer. This is a fact that makes me happy whenever I think of it.

We lit all the candles in the house and we told Liam a short (2.5 year old version), made-up story of the sun and the darkness, and how on the winter solstice you have to make a big light and make a big noise to remind the darkness that his turn is starting to be over, and it will soon be the sun's turn again. As a birthday present to myself (Yay self!) I went out and got beeswax candles from here. They were/are fantastic, locally made, exactly what I wanted. Liam is obsessed with candles. Nightly he wants to "make the candles hot?" (which is how he asks us to light them) and he really, really likes blowing out the candles. When he says "candle" it comes out for all the world sounding like "camel." The second photo must be Will and Liam working on blowing candles out, since Liam (as usual, face wiping is just not a priority for me) has food on his face.

So that's the first update. I've missed all of you, Internets. Happy new year. . .I hope each of our journeys around the sun this year is filled with light and dark, loud and quiet, peace, joy and mostly love.

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mekate said...

so glad to hear you here, and happy belated birthday E, and very very very happy new year.
let it somehow be gentle and kind to us all, and us to ourselves and each other.
wouldn't that be great??