Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oranges for Christmas

I have this idea that we will try to create a rhythm of seasonal activities for Liam.

Last year he smashed the peppermint candies for peppermint bark. This year we didn't quite get to making the bark again (we will next year; this is the first year I haven't made it in as long as I can remember). Instead this year we tried making oranges with cloves stuck in them. It was a pretty good activity for a 2.5 year old, but he definitely needed someone to get the cloves "started" for him. By which I mean press them about half way in. (Thanks Auntie Chris!) But he enjoyed it, it kept his attention for over 30 minutes, and the oranges still look and smell great! So, this is a keeper I think.

Tomorrow's update will address the eve, the tree, the dinner, and I think then that's it for post-Christmas catch up. Then I know I owe a post on how Will is doing. (Nutshell version: relatively stable, still at home, still on O2.) Then, I guess we'll be back to our current days. I have some very exciting posts about what I am cooking these days planned. (Ha!)

P.S. I know the text color for the blog title is wrong on the first page (it is what I want on subsequent pages).  I have tried to fix this.  (It's actually been a problem from the beginning.)  I'll keep trying to figure it out.  I'm considering learning how to make banners or something that might be more reliably editable.  No computer skills at all, unfortunately.


Ji said...

liam is very bright, curious, and promising.

happy 2010,
live your moment to its fullest.
I like your blog,
it is peaceful, and enlightening.


Mad Hatter said...

I really like your idea of seasonal activities - the oranges look great! Maybe when Liam is older he can make cranberry-popcorn garlands - so pretty! I also love your banner picture - the glowing candles are beautiful.
Thank you for your very kind comments of late - they mean a lot.