Friday, December 19, 2008

The rest of the day

went like this. Liam went over to play at GG's and Grandpa DH's. I went to work for a few hours. Then, Chris and I went downtown and completed almost all the Christmas shopping. I can't believe it's true even as I type this, but it is. Then we came home and started wrapping presents. Liam came home.

Then, big event, Liam's first ever web-cam broadcast with Grandma KM and Grandpa DM in California. A big hit. Liam kept running around to the other side of the computer to see where they were. He misses them; but, he looks at their pictures almost every day and we explain that they are coming back soon, so that's okay.

Tonight brought Liam's first almost sleepover. We volunteered to babysit O so his parents could go out for an evening, and tonight was the night. O is about 8 months older than Liam and frequently doesn't know what to make of him. What seasonal activity can an 18 month old and a 2 year old participate in together you ask. Why -- smashing the candy canes to make chocolate peppermint candy, of course. The smashing was a smashing success. The rest of the candy making was not even close to as interesting as playing with the trucks and trains. I meant to take a picture of the finished product but, well, we were taking care of 2 kids. And now I'm tired and don't feel like trying to figure out why my photos of food always look so crummy and how to fix them. (Note photo of Liam smashing: he liked hitting the table a lot better than hitting the candy canes.)

Then bath time and a try at bed time but no dice -- so quiet play until O's parents arrived at about 10:00. Now Liam, Will and Chris are all asleep and I'm wondering if I really have to finish wrapping presents or if I can just go to bed too. O talks a blue streak. Chris was wonderful reading to him and answering over and over and over what kind of truck each truck in every book is and what it is carrying and where to. . ..

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