Friday, December 19, 2008

Will has a cold or something.

He has been feeling crummy again and not wanting to do much. This is hard, especially when all the holiday madness is in full swing. (Will isn't wild about the holidays to begin with; feeling crummy doesn't help.) We wonder what is going on. It seems like this whole Fall it has been one week or so of feeling really bad and then a week or 10 days of feeling a little better, and then back to feeling bad again. But, as of last checking, Will's PFTs are holding steady where they have been (around 55-60% I believe), and he isn't running fevers. I blame in part at least the forced air heat in this old house. Our old house had radiant-floor heat, which was so much better for Will. I think I'm going to look into some kind of safe humidifier for when Will sleeps --- something that won't grow and spew lots of bacteria.

In non-Will health-related news, I had a routine blood draw a week or so ago and they ran a vitamin panel (something they are doing standard around here, I guess, these days), and I was found to have clinically low levels of vitamin D. Like, they want the number to be 30 or 32 or something and my number was less than 10 (I think it was 8, or maybe 6). This is annoying to me because I thought all this vitamin D stuff was a case of stories planted in the news by vitamin manufacturers gone mad. Anyway, I'm now taking prescription vitamin D. Prescription vitamins. Honestly. So now we will have to ask about this for Liam at his 18 month check up next week and maybe give him a vitamin too. . .also, we have to remember to ask about fluoride since the water around here doesn't have fluoride added to it.

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Lisa said...

Me too on the Vitamin D! I am not quite that low (but still really low). I took the prescription Vit. D for 8 weeks and now am taking OTC pills daily. I have to say that I feel SO much better and that coincidences with the Vit. D taking. I am not nearly as tired as I used to be, etc.

I hope that you are enjoying the crazy weather!!