Saturday, December 20, 2008

So much for no fevers. . ..

Will had a high fever this morning, 103 about, when I measured it around 7:30. It went down with Tylenol and stayed down most of the day, but started to go up again this evening. Night fevers and night sweats are, generally, frightening to us because of their association with blood cancers. Will says he thinks it is probably a cold or something like that and, of course, that is the more logical explanation. He has no particular other symptoms that I know of; and is not loosing weight. So, we'll stay tuned, I guess.

Auntie C, the wonder-sister, and I did venture out with Liam today taking our lives in our hands (we saw two car crashes and at least one almost crash---the roads are a mess and people just refuse to go slow) and got a tree. Plan A was: crisp, cold, sunny tree cutting expedition with Liam and Mollie and maybe snow flurries and warmed cider. I even clipped the list of local tree cutting places (there must be half a dozen within 30 minutes of here) from the newspaper and pinned it to the fridge. The actual plan turned out to be: $18 tree at the grocery store that Chris lashed to the car, with 8 inches of snow and ice on the ground, not a spare place in the parking lot, and more snow on the way. Chris wrestled the tree up on to the porch where it sits freezing away. It has been snowing steadily here since noon---probably another 4 inches or so. The weather forecast people say that for a little variety it might turn to ice pellets by 11 PM. Maybe I'll try to stay awake for that.

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