Sunday, December 21, 2008

We have more snow than it looks like in these pictures, and a health update.

Seriously, I think we have over a foot of snow on the ground and, apparently, more to come. We'll see. I just called my phone tree people because the weather is so crummy that we've decided to close the office tomorrow. (Who would have thought that the phone tree we practice in case of earthquake would end up being first used IRL because of snow. In Seattle.)

Today Will feels very bad and is continuing to have high fevers, mostly at night. We'll have to reassess tomorrow and see if he needs to try to get to the hospital. He has a scheduled appointment next Monday, so I suppose if he is no worse and if his PFTs seem okay, he will want to wait. (And, really, who can blame him. Sitting in the emergency room for hours and hours waiting to deliver your entire, complicated health history to at least 6 people who have never seen you before in 3 different groups when all you really need is for the pulmonary fellow on call to admit you is. . .well, it's no fun.) Chris and I feel like crap too, so it seems like the most logical explanation is we all have whatever is going around and Will just gets it the worst and for the longest because of his immune system being suppressed and his lungs being particularly vulnerable to infection. We'll see. It has been 6 months since Will was last in the hospital. I realize that for our family only 2 hospital admissions a year would be a great and very stable place to be. . .but, still, I hope he doesn't have to deal with it this week. The weather sucks, and it's a crummy time of year to be away from home.

In other news we managed to get the tree in to the house today and set up and decorated, such as decorating will be this year. The rules were: nothing glass, nothing really easily breakable, and no ornaments that require hooks at a level where Liam can reach them. This leaves a surprising amount, but it's still pretty sparse compared to past trees. Also, three batches of Christmas cookies were baked by me today. Two turned out well. More on that sometime in the future.

Photos are: snow, more snow (Liam was trying to help me shovel the walk, note that I don't wear gloves either these days in solidarity with him, also, I can't find them), tree trimming, and Liam re-defining what "easily breakable" means by hurling the ornaments at the floor as hard as he could. Turns out, most will break.

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