Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Beautiful Birthday Crown

We've been putting off celebrating my birthday because everyone in the house seems to have some form of the creeping crud. . .Will worst of all with continued fevers every evening and morning and lots of congestion. But, with Christmas upon us tomorrow, we decided we couldn't wait any longer so tonight I got to open my birthday crown, made by my mother and grandpa DM. Beautiful. . .the best crown yet. I especially like the offset between the blue and the white and the embroidery and the colors, and the ribbon tie, well everything. The pearls were given to my mother by my late father, so that is especially meaningful. And, I'm told that there are more for Auntie C's crown. Liam thought the crown was amazing.

Yesterday three kinds of soup were made by me and delivered to the neighbors. Who needs cookies on the 7th straight day of snow. . .soup was in order. Today it all came back to us in cookies, spiced nuts, and a "beet dish" that I can't wait to try. I like beets quite a bit but never remember to buy or cook them.

We're all going a little house crazy so we let Liam open one of his presents early. A "grown up" pusher, which he has been running around the house ever since. That part worked great. What I didn't expect is, well, it makes a lot of noise. Oh well, can't have everything.

Photos are: Liam and the pusher, Liam watching Will tie the birthday crown on my head, and assorted present opening. All in all, quite a nice birthday. Thanks everyone!
Edited: well, the camera ran out of batteries as I was trying to download the pictures so look for photos of the birthday crown later or tomorrow. Good night!

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