Saturday, December 5, 2009


We've been having cold nights (and days) and very frosty mornings this week. Friday morning walking out to the car, Liam volunteered: "We don't eat frost, Mama." I said something like, "That's right, we don't usually eat frost; it's too cold!" What is this about, I wonder.

Driving down the hill to town, from the backseat Liam pipes up: "Frost is not frosting, Mama." Oh, I get it now. "That's right Liam, frost is not frosting. Frost is frost, it's frozen dew and water that we see in the morning. Frosting is frosting, it comes on cookies." Liam thinks this is hilarious. Liam: "Frost is frost! And frosting is frosting! I like frosting! I like frosting, Mama!" Don't we all. Although I like frost too.


Today we visited the local Waldorf school for the winter fair. Liam did great exploring a new place, although the Snow Maiden puppet show was too much for him. They should have thought to explain that it is not for 2 year olds. Five minutes into it, Liam started in with (in a quiet voice, thank God): "I want to go outside. I want to go outside, Mama. I want to go outside right now. Please, Mama." When he didn't get interested in the show after a few tries, we went outside. Followed quickly by another 2 year old.

Probably a good thing, anyway. Will's mother came out a few minutes later and said: "This story is not going to end well. Summer is coming and it is going to melt their snow daughter all away." I'm glad I didn't have to explain that one. Later we stood in a line with another 2 year old whose papa volunteered "we didn't make it through the puppet show either. I guess it really wasn't for little kids." No kidding.

When I asked Liam after dinner what the best part of the winter fair was he said, right away, "Seeing GG and GoGo." (Will's parents.) Sweet beyond words. Second best thing was the gingerbread.

(Don't worry Grandma; you appeared at bath time when Orca Whale looked all over the tub for you and Grandpa. "Where is grandma? Is she under big boat? Nooooo. Is she in rain-maker? Nooooo. Etc." He finally decided that you were in California. Not the bathtub after all.)


mekate said...

sending love to you.
I thought of Liam the other day after i ate a big bite of fresh snow.
snow is easier to eat than frost.

Happy holidays sweet Elizabeth,
and wishing you and your family the very best always.

Mad Hatter said...

Liam sounds sooooooooooo sweet!!! Such an adorable boy!
Elizabeth, I cannot thank you enough for leaving your story on my blog - I really needed to read that this morning.
BTW, I know a thing or two about Waldorf education - if you're considering it for Liam, and you'd like the point-of-view of someone who is not a teacher or a parent, e-mail me and I'll let you know what our experience has been (the good and the bad).