Saturday, November 7, 2009

No! You do it!

Liam is getting pretty good with pronouns. He uses I and me mostly correctly. Him, her, we, they, he's got those down. He still talks about himself and others in third person about half the time, but he's defiantly making progress. Except, he's a little confused about "you." I'm pretty sure he things that "you" is a synonym for "Liam." I had been wondering about this for a while and then the other night we actually had the following Abbot and Costello type exchange.

The scene: Liam and mama are playing with cars and finger puppets. Mama puts the finger puppets on her finger and they talk to the cars and run around. Liam pulls the finger puppets off and excitedly makes them hop around, chattering the whole time. Liam hands the finger puppets back to mama.

Liam: Again!
Mama: You want to play finger puppets again?
Liam: Mama do it, please mama.
Mama: Okay, should I put them on me or you?
Liam: You!
Mama: Okay, are you sure?
Liam: You! You!

Mama starts to put the finger puppets back on her fingers. Liam goes nuts.

Liam: "No mama, you do it, you do it!"
Mama: "Liam, do you want the finger puppets on mama's hand or Liam's hand?"
Liam: "Liam's hand."

Okay. Order was restored.


Kay said...

He is one precious boy.

Mad Hatter said...

What a sweet moment!! Thanks for sharing! :-)

mekate said...

Awwwww. You! Me! how adorable
I am still LOVING the image of the white fuzzy Liam. I just showed my sweetie I love it so much.
Hope al is ok,
thinking of you,