Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Liam re-used last year's costume for Halloween this year. Last year the lovely fuzzy little hooded dress became -- magic! -- a Polar Bear. (Click here for the story of last year's Halloween and here for Liam's related zoo adventure.) This year: Little Lamb. Although, Liam sometimes called it a Sheep. And, sometimes called it Little Angle Lamb, which, due to an unfortunate gap in Liam's ability to make certain sounds in certain words came out sounding for all the world like "A-hoo-le Lamb." Sigh.

After proclaiming all week that he didn't want to dress up and didn't want to go trick or treating, Liam rallied and went out on Halloween and really enjoyed it. All it took was an afternoon of my mother hiding in the bathroom and jumping out with a small candy bar every time Liam knocked on the door, and a clarification that we did not need to go INSIDE the houses, we could stay OUTSIDE, they would bring the candy to us. All in all, a successful outing. He likes to be out after dark, our baby.
This is, I assume, the last year that I'll be able to pocket Liam's Halloween candy and not give him any, at all, after the distribution during the actual event. He probably ate 2.5 mini candy bars total (not counting whatever my mother gave him during the training portion of the day). I have eaten many more than 2.5 mini candy bars and am ready to stop. the. madness.

Will is doing okay today. We turned down the oxygen slightly, which is going fine, and he was able to get up and come downstairs this evening to have dinner with Liam and me.

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mekate said...

fuzzy eared Liam is the cutest thing EVER-- oh my gosh
So glad Will is improving. And you know? I believe with my whole heart (and belly) that chocolate has magical healing powers.

thinking of you and sending love