Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Liam is introduced to his polar bear suit and is not too sure about it. It is, of course, about the cutest polar bear suit ever. My mother sewed it. This was, I think, pretty easy. I had intended to sew it and had it all cut out. Liam picked out the fur at the fabric store after petting at least 6 white and off-white fleecy, shaggy fabrics. He picked this one. He was so happy with it, he kept petting it in the cart. The pattern was for a hooded sleep sack. So, I just shortened the sleeves and left it open on the bottom, just 4 pieces including the hood. The ears were freelanced, no pattern, and stuffed with Kleenex (which was handy, but which I will replace with some sort of cotton batting). The fabric was a huge pain in the neck to work with and will will be picking up bits of polar bear fur until next Halloween, I'm certain.

The "bearification" process. In this photo Liam is showing that it takes two highly trained engineers at least 15 minutes to put white socks on a 16 month old.
Liam checks himself out in the hall mirror. It took him a few trys to realize that that scary looking white fluffy thing was really him. Also, he is recovering from having his nose and whiskers drawn on, which he didn't like one bit.

Often, polar bears move so quickly they cannot be reliably caught on film. Even digital.

Back from trick or treating. For us, this is the second year that trick or treating has involved visiting all our neighbors and giving them jars of jam (and this year, some jars of peach chutney). Liam is too little for candy; so we see this annual homemade jam handout as sort of an insurance policy for when he is older and undoubtedly gets in trouble. He did acquire a small package of cookies and a glow-light stick.

Grandma explaining to Liam that (1) he can only have 1 cookie; (2) he really does have to go to bed; and (3) with a little dye and an alteration to the sleeves he can be a brown bear next year for Halloween!

Liam seemed to enjoy walking around with mommy and daddy in the dark. He definitely enjoyed meeting all the dogs and cats at the various houses and had some interest in the pack of kids that will, I hope, end up being his pack of kids as he gets older. (Two girls from across the street: dog and bird. Boy and girl next door to them: pumpkin and cat.) He really, really liked the small package of cookies. Many cameras were running and Will took some video so maybe we'll get some better pictures to post over the next few days. And, the best news of all: mommy's day-long headache has finally (with the 3rd dose of Tylenol) started to subside to a dull throbbing. I swear, I cannot and will not get the flu.

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