Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Nanny Share

We've been looking for an opportunity to have Liam spend more time with other kids and to create some back-up and additional childcare so we don't have to rely on our parents so much and I think we may have finally found it. There's a family a few miles down the road with a 2 year old who we are going to try a nanny share with. Their nanny seems great, she's in her 30s and has been caring for children for about 9 years. Next week we'll try two mornings, so we can see how it goes before we dive into the whole (not) sleeping thing.

In other news. Yesterday we made an huge trip to Ikea to try to get all the wardrobe stuff for the upstairs bedroom only to find that the online inventory was wrong and what we wanted wasn't in stock after all. (Annoying in the extreme.) We got a bookcase for downstairs instead and, as a present for Liam, this sheep fleece, which he can't get enough of.

Polar bear for Halloween tomorrow. We're all really excited.

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